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You may not recall his name, but Shashikant’s strong images will definitely stay with you for quite a while. His riveting impressions consistently capture the essence of his subjects, whatever they are.

With a BFA in Applied Arts and years of advertising photography experience behind him, Shashikant's compositions are today much sought after by some of India’s award-winning advertising agencies and production houses.

Shashi’s diverse skills and sensitivity as an artist make his photographs look more like paintings. Look closer and you will see the shapes, textures, forms, lines, layers and colors that combine to define his subjects while offering endless intrigue.
  Shashikant’s talent for understanding the environment of his subject allows him the freedom to endlessly improvise on what is appropriate to push it to what is sheer genius.

Shashi in all his humility sees himself only as a vehicle that the images are using to come into being. “Try to control an image, and it dies. You have to give into the flow and allow for freedom, then things find their own life force\", he says.
Since the advent of digital photography Shashikant has mastered the technology and has equipped himself with the latest in the field. Digital photography not only results in sharper images but also proves easy for manipulation and image correction.

Shashikant works out of his well-equipped studio in the middle of a serene neighborhood of what was once Lady Annie Besant’s Theosophical Society.

With his relaxed, no-nonsense style and approach, Shashikant has come to be one of the intriguing personalities to populate the creative scene in Madras.
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